About Us

Brief Company History

Incorporated in 2018 as First 2 Aid EMS, the company has grown to having its presence in 5 counties in Central Florida with a growing number of employees. In 2022 the company saw significant changes and restructured its organization set-up completely. It saw changes in its ownership structure with new Leadership & a new, more experienced management team. The team diligently focused on significantly improving the overall work culture and continue to recruit dedicated & hard-working employees with a positive attitude that perfectly fit our new work ethos of exceptional patient care and customer service. With the rejuvenated & friendly work environment it was time to rebrand the company and therefore in 2023, a new level of excellence was achieved, and we became more…

We became the gold standard.

We became Trident EMS

Vision, Mission & Value Statements 


To be the most reputable EMS company by consistently providing the best patient care and becoming the preferred choice of service for all our customers.


Our mission is to assist our community with the highest quality medical services provided by our highly trained personnel, quality equipment and a high level of commitment to every one of our facilities and our patients every time.


We employ the best team with the highest moral & ethical standards to ensure our commitment to Quality & Professionalism.

Dispatch Center


We have a team of highly motivated & talented people that work hard to streamline the scheduling process with the support of a state of the art and very efficient software system that provides real time information on the status of our units, enabling us to provide accurate and very honest ETAs.

  • This makes it very easy for the calling facility to estimate their discharges more accurately saving them time and money.
  • We strongly believe in making our customers look very good in front of their patients which enhances their credibility.
  • Our communications department works 24×7 / 365 days year, so there is always someone on duty to schedule a transport or answer any questions. We strive to be the leader of friendly and compassionate service at Trident EMS.

Our team

Sanjay Parekh


Sanjay has over 33 years of successful business leadership experience, which includes Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Team-Building. Sanjay’s background ranges from his work as a Director in a family-owned business to heading a Multinational Corporation in Asia Pacific overseeing several countries.

Sanjay has turned around business operations of companies to generate higher profits by forging impactful business relationships, building cost-effective systems, identifying and analyzing challenges and leveraging the key strengths of the business. With the experience of working with different regions in Asia, Europe, Americas, Middle East & Australia, he has successfully solved many challenges that most companies go through. 

Since 2020, Sanjay oversees the collective fulfillment of the company’s vision, mission & core values. He ensures the financial and operational effectiveness of the company’s Medical Ground Transportation, Event Standby & Training Services operations in Central Florida. Sanjay has developed a sense of partnership with his customers by putting their needs first and has demonstrated repeatedly that the success of the company, comes as a result of caring and competence.

Amishi Parekh

Director of Finance

Amishi has over 25 years of experience in Accounting & Finance. Her experience ranges from working in the Banking sector, Education sector, to overseeing Finances & Accounting of growth-oriented companies. She has successfully managed to bring in fiscal discipline & organization to the accounting and financing structure in companies she has worked with.

Since 2020, Amishi has been responsible for the Accounting & Finances at Trident EMS and works closely with the Billing Department ensuring accurate billing. Amishi leads and participates in company’s growth decisions — projecting revenues against costs for capital equipment, facilities and human resources. She is also a Certified Ambulance Coder.

Derek Knost

Derek Knost

Operations Manager

Derek has over 18 years of experience in hospitality and healthcare. He has over 8 years of experience as a Paramedic, FTO and the Operations Supervisor.

Derek has been with Trident EMS since 2018 and has worked at various levels across several departments in the company. With his positive approach and problem-solving skills, he was promoted as the Operations Manager. He oversees several key areas in the company and ensures smooth running of the operations with the help of the crews and coordination between all the departments such as Dispatch, Logistics and HR.

Heather Burke

Accounting & Billing Coordinator

Heather has over 25 years of experience working as a Paramedic, a Trainer and an Educator. She has extensive experience working in the 911 with Volusia & Lake County EMS as a Paramedic & FTO. She is well experienced in handling all levels of calls and specializes in treating some of the highest level of critical care patients.

After having worked in various departments at Trident EMS since 2018, Heather oversees the Training & Education Department thus ensuring all the crews are provided with the highest level of training as per the company protocols & provide continuous education, for all crews to be compliant with State & National CEUs.

She also oversees the Quality Assurance and Improvement plan in the company.

Bill Davis

Bill Davis

EMS Coordinator

Bill has over 25 years of EMS experience & started his career in Massachusetts. He served as a Lieutenant for a fire Department in Massachusetts where he was a Certified Fire/EMS Instructor Bill has also taught 2 college paramedic programs before moving to Florida. Bill has been a Field Training Officer/Preceptor, Educator and an EMS Coordinator.

Bill joined Trident EMS in January 2022 as a Critical Care Paramedic and has progressed within the company to become the Training Supervisor. Now Bill provides leadership and mentoring to Current Shift Supervisors, FTOs as well as the Paramedics and EMT’s. He works closely with the Training Manager and is in charge of the QA/QI in the company in addition to being responsible for the Training Department, Orientation program & overseeing the continuing education classes provided by the company.

Chris Epperson

Dispatch/Communications Supervisor

Chris Epperson started his career in 2013 by volunteering with the local fire department in Tennessee and transitioning into a career firefighter/EMT. He moved to Central Florida in 2020 and began working as a subcontractor for the State Emergency Response Team due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During his time there, he was the EMT site lead for COVID-19 testing.

Chris joined Trident EMS in 2021 as an EMT and later transitioned to our Dispatch team. Understanding every nuance from the facilities & the patients’ medical perspective he ensures that optimum patient care is on its way with honest arrival times. With his creative thinking, innovative solutions & ability to work well under pressure he manages the dispatch/communications department very effectively.

Dr. David Arbona

Medical Director

David Arbona, M.D., is a board-certified emergency medicine specialist in Brandon, FL. He completed his specialty in emergency medicine in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He continued his subspecialty training in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. During his subspecialty training, he served as assistant medical director for Orange County EMS and worked with the North Carolina Highway Patrol’s (NCHP) medical team. Additionally, He has worked with Wake County, NC EMS, where he assisted with medical direction and multiple other roles.

 Dr. Arbona has clinical expertise in event medicine and the logistical planning of these events. He has also taken an active role in numerous simulation drills, such as airport plane crash scenes and shopping mall active shooter drills.

Dr. Arbona has been a part of the Medical Team of Trident EMS since 2018 and he has been the Medical Director since 2019; In addition to being a part of multiple statewide EMS committees.